The time and the voice of children: orientation of listening and observation processes       
Adriana Friedmann
Online course

Education and orientation of researchers who are specializing in the design and development of listening and observation processes as well as research with children, based on themes of interest and working with children's groups in the professional contexts of the participants. These surveys will be applied locally by each participant and the results will be analyzed throughout the course.

Rescue of our souls in childhood memories
Adriana Friedmann

The workshop takes as its starting point snippets of participant's memories and of other well-known personalities and proposes the crafting of autobiographical cartographies for the rescue and reunion with each person’s soul.


Inspired by mythology, poetry, literature and life stories, we will dialogue with the conceptual bases about the individuation process and Carl Jung's Psychological Types; with James Hillman in the search for the ‘code of being’, of our character and our vocation; and with Rudolf Steiner and Gudrun Burkhard to understand the characteristics of the human being’s seven year cycles and biographical processes. The invitation is to be able to build, based on this knowledge and with a diversity of immersive experiences, a version of our 'Tree of life' - individual autobiography - with the possibility of recognizing and recovering our unique essence.


12 hs.

Biographical studies: a path to understand the complexity of human beings. 
Adriana Friedmann

Because of the importance of human biography in the consolidation and understanding of the personality and destiny of human beings, we propose a deep-dive in the study and research of biographies of personalities of different cultures, fields and trades. Artists, writers, educators, politicians, musicians, scientists, psychologists, among others, will be the object of in-depth studies.


The readings of the biographies and/or autobiographies will be enriched with other artistic, poetic, musical, iconographies, films, documentaries and psychological, historical and anthropological studies of the period of life of each character studied.


In parallel,and in order to study the multicultural backgrounds of the participants of the group, each person will be able to choose, based on their personal ancestry and/or their craft, specific biographies that will be part of the course.

The meetings will be documented and recorded with the intention of crafting collective publications.