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Center for Research and Studies in Symbolism, Childhood and Development.


Research center created in the 1990s to help develop studies, form and guide educators, caregivers and managers of formal and non-formal institutions in the fields and topics related to childhood and children, their language and expressions, spaces and activities.


Coordinator: Adriana Friedmann


Partnerships and Consulting


In 1990 we began campaigning for the implementation of toy libraries in libraries, town squares, hospitals, NGOs, schools, and community centers. This launched the innovative project that scaled throughout the country as a guarantee to the right to play. In partnership with the Abrinq Foundation.


In 1991 we started a campaign to bring back Traditional Games together with teachers and families. These studies set off courses, workshops and training certifications.


In 1993 we carried out the study 'Attention, children playing'.


In 1995 we implemented the first therapeutic toy libraries in pediatric hospitals to offer spaces of healing through play, a proposal that transformed itself into law for all hospitals and has been since then disseminated and multiplied over the last few years. Partnership with the Ayrton Senna Institute.

We opened the Ludic Workshop School, a space for ​​non-formal education, with courses, workshops and conferences to help share the importance of play in the lives of children, young people and adults.

We have set up events, courses, and workshops in partnership with various institutions over the years, aimed at teaching ludic educators.


In 2001 we founded the Alliance for Childhood in partnership with Palas Athena, members of the Play Movement and the Waldorf Movement.


In 2003 we launched the NEPSID Journals and updated the current bibliography in the field 

of ​​play.


In 2005 we developed the project 'Colors of Peace for Children in Brazil'. Partnership with Alliance for Childhood, UNESCO, UNICEF, Secretariat of the State of São Paulo, Orsa Foundation.


In 2007 the newspaper Folha de São Paulo held a seminar aimed at children and designed a contest for children between 6 and 12 years of age. 6000 testimonies were received from around the country, in which children wrote and drew about "Being a child today means ...". A research team was created within the Alliance for Childhood, which read, analyzed, and selected around 600 documents that mirror what children were currently experiencing, feeling and thinking.

That same year a postgraduate course in Ludic Education at Vera Cruz Education Faculty was created. Partnership with Uno & Verso.


In 2009, we consulted for a new partnership with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo which resulted in the "Play Map”, with the participation of children between 6 and 12 years of age, from different regions of Brazil. This initiative aimed to map how children were playing at this time.

During 2009 and 2010, two courses on the Anthropology of Childhood were taught by Adriana Friedmann at Vera Cruz Education Faculty to raise awareness about the importance of developing research with children.


In 2010, surveys were commissioned by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation (Netherlands) to identify the situation of children living in slums in the city of São Paulo and of indigenous communities in the Amazon. Partnership with Catholic University of São Paulo and the Secretariat of Social Assistance of São Paulo.

IFAN Advisory, Fundação Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal. Postgraduate course in Ludic Education.


In 2011 the NEPSID blog is created and the website is updated.

Research for the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation. Training for the NGO Brasil Leitor team.


Advising for the C&A Institute and for Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation.

Launch of the postgraduate course "Children ages zero to three" for the Singularidades Faculty of Education. Lectures all over the country.


- Consultancy for ARCOR Brazil, Chile and Argentina Institute, for Bernard Van Leer Foundation and Singularidades Faculty of Education.

- Research for Bernard Van Leer Foundation: Alliance against violence: spaces and humanized activities for the children of São Paulo.

- Published book "Children's Language ​​and Culture" by Adriana Friedmann

- Updated edition of the book "Early Childhood Education: observation, adequacy and inclusion"

- Authorship of the C&A Institute volunteers' guide "The Right to Play".

' 14

- Development and implementation of the Brazilian Childhood Map - www.mapadainfanciabrasileira.com.br

- Consulting for Singularidades Faculty of Education in Postgraduate Studies.

- Consulting for Edelman Agency in the field of play

- Lectures at Casa do Saber, Comkids, Sesc, Waldorf Seminar, Saltinho, Sabará/IPA

- Postgraduate courses

- Jury for the 1st Prize of Child Participation at CECIP

- Jury for the Child Award of the ABRINQ Foundation


- Coordinator of the Brazilian Childhood Map

- Consulting for Ifan/Fortaleza

- Counselling and teaching for graduate courses at Singularidades Faculty of Education

- Anthropology of Childhood Courses - SESC CPF

- Translation of “Territory of Play” website into Spanish

- Jury for Comkids Diversity Award

- Development of VIB - Voices of Brazilian Children - Research


- Coordinator of the Brazilian Childhood Map

- Counselling and teaching for postgraduate courses at Singularidades Faculty of Education

- Children’s Research orientation at SESC CPF

- Speaker at Conference ‘Play and Chilhdood’ in Colômbia

- Jury for the Impaes / Cenpec Program Challenge

- Speaker at International Meeting "The child and the new challenges of Sustainable Development” 

- Videoconference speaker at “Territory of Play”

- Compiling and authorship of the MIB publication: "Who is listening?"

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- Online courses - Child Research, Diversity, childhood and children's culture and Childhood nature and cultures.

- Consultancy for NGO Escuelas Vinculadas- Uruguay

- Promotion of  'Meetings with Childhood' – Brazilian Childhood Map


- Creation and coordination of the Postgraduate Course: 'The time and the voice of children: orientation of listening and observation processes' at A Casa Tombada/Facon University.

- Workshop: 'Rescue of our soul in childhood memories'.

- Online courses - 'The time and voice of children: orientation of listening and observation processes'.

- Consultancy for NGO Escuelas Vinculadas - Uruguay

- Consultancy for NGO FEFIG